Melga Sales is a worldwide leader when it comes to bathroom resurfacing, bathroom fixture resurfacing and bathroom reglazing. Having been in the business for 29 years, our highly skilled technicians and craftsmen are among the finest and the most hardworking in the industry, recording an impressive number of over 3,000 reglazed bathrooms every year. We make use of only the most durable and resilient materials and apply up-to-date methods and techniques in transforming any bathroom into a place where anyone can relax and enjoy life’s simple luxuries.

Houses, no matter how well-constructed, get old and so do bathrooms. You know you need to carry out some home improvement when bathroom tiles and ceramics start to chip, peel, lose their luster, or discolor. The situation is even worse once you start seeing cracks, holes, and wear and tear brought about by years of being exposed to natural weathering. And when you feel like it is high time the tub is replaced or that plumbing is reset, you definitely need professional help. Melga Sales Corp. is here to provide convenient and reasonably priced bathroom solutions. We specialize in bathroom remodeling and bathtub reglazing surfaces. We offer a three-year guarantee on the quality of our workmanship.

Upgrading your bathroom is certainly not cheap. Some people tend to take bathrooms for granted but we all know that it is one of the most important places inside your home. Thus, setting aside a substantial budget to remodel and refurbish the bathroom is definitely a worthwhile investment. Reglazing bathtub, tile, and other ceramic surfaces is an option you should consider if you are looking to improve the harrowing state of your bathroom. We offer you three reasons why:

Reglazing is more cost-efficient. You can actually save yourself thousands of dollars if you choose to reglaze instead of replace because you do not have to pay for demolition and reconstruction costs.

It delivers faster results. The process of reglazing takes only about three to four hours. The reglazed surfaces are ready for use after only 24 hours.

Reglazing is much more convenient and fuss-free. Reglazing is actually a process that is mess and dirt-free. Our well-trained professionals can be trusted to do a quick and clean job in covering and protecting all surfaces to make your bathroom looks good as new in no time.

Bathroom reglazing is a job best left to skilled and experienced professionals. Melga Sales understands how tough it is financially with out present economy and we are offering a practical and tasteful alternative to upgrading your bathroom. Our company is a long-standing member of the Better Business Bureau and we are licensed and fully insured by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. We stand by our commitment to deliver top-notch services and surpass every client’s expectations.

Aside from our in-demand reglazing services, Melga Sales also offers a full line of shower doors and medicine cabinets, as well as fixtures, vanities and shower door installation. We have highly skilled technicians available should you need that old shower door replaced with a brand new one. Feel free to visit our gallery to view our extensive collection of quality shower doors and bath tubs. Our showroom also offers a list of the most reliable manufacturers, as well as links to their company websites.