Commercial Medicine Cabinets

Just because your bathroom looks like you’ve traveled back to the 70’s, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a modern and breathtaking futuristic bathroom. Consider having your tub, shower and bathroom surfaces re-glazed as opposed to installing expensive replacement tubs and fixtures. Did you know that re-glazing can save you up to 80% when compared to the price that would be spent replacing your entire bathroom?

Imagine what you can do with that savings! Adding features to your bathroom like a medicine cabinet that once seemed out of reach are now possible.

If you have a small bathroom or share one with the rest of the family, adding a medicine cabinet to your bathroom is the ideal solution to lessen the clutter and make your morning routine feel less hectic without all the make-up, toothpaste and body lotion’s laying around the sink. Medicine cabinets are easy to install since most are pre-assembled.

Depending on your needs, you can simply hang the medicine cabinet from your wall or cut a hole into the wall and install it between wooden frames. When choosing the perfect medicine cabinet the first thing to consider is the installation type:

SURFACE –MOUNT: Cutting a hole into the wall is not required as this type of medicine cabinet can be hung right onto the bathroom wall.

RECESSED: This type of medicine cabinet requires you to make a hole in the wall and place it between the studs. A wooden frame needs to be created and installed in order to hold the medicine cabinet in place.

DUAL-MOUNT: Medicine cabinets that are dual-mount give you the option to just hang it up on the wall or install it as a recessed cabinet.

Next, you want to determine the size of your new medicine cabinet. If you’re placing it right above the sink take into consideration the distance between the lights and the faucet, as well as the width of the bathroom vanity. If you have a small bathroom, you want to take advantage of the space right above the toilet and place a wider medicine cabinet to increase your storage space. And lastly, you will want to chose the cabinet that most suits your personal style.

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