Commercial Tubs and Bathroom Reglazing

Imagine turning your 70’s style bathroom into the beautiful and modern spa like room you just saw in a magazine. Some people tend to take their bathrooms for granted, but we all know that this is one of the most important places in your home. Once you’ve realized that your special sanctuary requires some home improvement, you might think twice before making any decisions, because let’s face it, most likely the solution isn’t cheap.

When you begin to notice that your bathroom tiles and ceramics are chipped, peeled and have lost their luster, you also realize that there are cracks, holes, and wear and tear due to natural exposure on your bathtub or shower. Your bathroom can slowly turn into a nightmare. This is where Melga Sales Corp. comes in!

Our company has been in the business of re-glazing bathtubs, showers, tiles and other ceramic surfaces for over 25 years. We are leading professionals in Bathroom Remodeling, Bathtub Reglazing and Shower Installations throughout New York. If you are looking to renovate your bathtub, or even your entire bathroom, Melga Sales Corp. offers you a practical alternative to help grant your wish for a better bathroom in less than one day! Here are three reasons why to choose Melga Sales Corp. for your renovation project:

  • Reglazing is more cost-efficient.You can actually save thousands of dollars if you choose to re-glaze instead of replace because you do not have to pay for demolition and reconstruction costs.
  • It delivers faster results. The process of re-glazing takes only about three to four hours and the reglazed surfaces are ready for use after only 24 hours.
  • Reglazing is much more convenient and fuss-free. Re-glazing is a mess and dirt-free process. Our well-trained professionals can be trusted to do a quick and clean job in covering and protecting all surfaces to make your bathroom look good as new in no time.

The reglazing process is started by preparing the tub and removing any surface impurities. Then, chips and cracks are filled and the tub is then sprayed with primer. The surface is inspected to assure a quality finish and three coats of synthetic porcelain finish are the sprayed onto the tub to give it a glossy durable surface that is easily maintained. The bathtub will dry in four to six hours and is then ready for use. We even give you the option to decide on a new color for tiles and fixtures. It is easily as good as having a new bathroom without the long wait and sky-high labor fees. Imagine what you could do with the thousands of dollars you will save!

In today’s economic climate, you can be assured of huge savings when you re-glaze instead of replace. By leaving your re-glazing needs to Melga Sales Corp. you can give your bathroom a new look without sacrificing quality.