Residential Vanities

Just because your bathroom looks like you’ve traveled back to the 70’s, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a modern and breathtaking futuristic bathroom. Consider having your tub, shower and bathroom surfaces re-glazed as opposed to installing expensive replacement tubs and fixtures. Did you know that re-glazing can save you up to 80% when compared to the price that would be spent replacing your entire bathroom?

Imagine what you can do with that savings! Renovating your bathroom vanity may have seemed liked a distant dream, but now it is within reach.

Vanities are the highlight of a bathroom and a space not to be taken for granted. Designing and installing a vanity that meets the needs of your family is our top priority and a job we don’t take lightly. While it might seem easy to pick a vanity from a magazine cover or catalog, customers run a risk of paying too much for a vanity that falls short of expectations. Our 25 years of experience allows us to provide you with valuable information as to which vanities work within your space, needs, and budget.

When determining which vanity will work for you, special consideration must be given to how you prefer to store and showcase your belongings. Some clients prefer a vanity with ample counter space for sundries while others might prefer a vanity that utilizes valuable storage space below.

Understanding how the vanity is going to be used; how often, by whom, and its location within the home, are all key questions to ask when deciding which vanity will meet your space’s needs. Vanities located near mudrooms or laundry rooms might have a need for a backsplash that other vanities may not require. Families with children might opt for vanities with multi-functional mirrors that allow for hidden and secure storage of medicine, soaps, and other items that might be dangerous for youngsters.

Whether you are looking for a vanity with a modern, vintage, or country feel, these are the key factors we consider when helping you to determine which vanity will work for you:

  • Is there enough space for door openings?
  • Where are outlets and other pre-existing features located in relation to where the new vanity will be located?
  • Where is the plumbing located? Plumbing should always determine the width of your vanity.

Melga Sales Corp. only works with the best manufacturers to offer you everything you need for your new bathroom. Our qualified installation technicians can quickly turn your old vanity into the one you’ve always dreamed of.

With Melga Sales Corp. you can give your bathroom a new look without sacrificing quality!