Melga Sales Corp. has a lot to offer to homeowners seeking to improve their bathrooms but do not have the financial capability to implement a full renovation just yet. Whether you are moving into a new home with a bath that looks like it could use some work or simply cannot stand the chipping, fading, staining, and cracking in the bathroom, we are here to help. Our highly experienced craftsmen know exactly how to bring back the smoothness, luster, and shine to your bathtubs and bathroom surfaces. Work is quick, reasonably priced, and of top quality.

Reglazing Vs. Replacing

There are quite a few important reasons why more people are having their tubs and bathroom surfaces reglazed in lieu of installing replacement bathtubs and fixtures. For one, it is a lot cheaper by up to 80% as compared to replacing your bathtub. Refinishing your tub is also quicker and less messy. A full-scale replacement involves tedious work as you would have to hire laborers to remove your old tub, break the tiles, reset plumbing, and who knows what else. Not only will it bore holes through your pockets (and floors), it can also be a huge inconvenience if you are not ready to make that kind of change.

Melga Sales Corp. gives you a practical alternative to help grant your wish for a better bathroom. In less than a day, our experienced technicians can restore your tub to its original smoothness and luster. We even give you the option to decide on a new color for tiles and fixtures. It is easily as good as having a new bathroom without the long wait and sky-high labor fees. Imagine being able to save thousands of dollars you would otherwise have spent if you choose to go for a replacement.

Adhering to Industry Standards

Melga Sales reglazes around 3,000 bathtubs on an annual scale. With the growing number of companies offering bathroom refurbishing services, our 29 years in the industry makes us one of the most trusted names in New York. We use high-quality products, specifically the TOPKOTE Reglazing System, and you can be rest assured that we do not skimp on preparations nor rush any job. Our workmanship is far superior over most providers in the market. Our craftsmen are not only hard-working – they also respect your private space and ensure that they create as little mess as possible while they do the work.

The quality of our services is supported by our Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. Melga Sales Corp. is in good standing with the BBB with not a single complaint all throughout our many years of service. We are the only reglazing service company with a full-time New York office and showroom and our three-year guarantee sets an industry standard. Even most bathroom fixture manufacturers fail to exceed the guarantee we offer. We are aware that accidents do happen and for this reason, our products are fully insured by the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs.