Shower door

Just because your bathroom looks like you’ve traveled back to the 70’s, doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into a modern and breathtaking futuristic bathroom. Consider having your tub, shower and bathroom surfaces re-glazed as opposed to installing expensive replacement tubs and fixtures. Did you know that re-glazing can save you up to 80% when compared to the price that would be spent replacing your entire bathroom?

Imagine what you can do with that savings! Additional fixture options like shower doors that once seemed out of reach are now possible.

Shower doors are one of the most important and valuable fixtures in a bathroom. When the appropriate shower door for your tub and space is installed, you no longer have to worry about damage from water leaks.

When determining which shower door is right for your bathroom, it is important to consider the different types of shower doors available:

BYPASS – Also known as sliding doors, bypass doors take up the least amount of space and consist of two to three panels that slide past each other on top and bottom tracks. They’re ideal for wide openings, with a typical opening size being 60″ wide. They are commonly used in alcove and corner stand-alone showers and bathtub showers with stationary panels.

ROUND – Round shower doors open inwards and are ideal for corner stand-alone showers. Attached to the top and bottom of the frame for stability and smooth operation, the curved glass design creates a more spacious bathing area. This type of door is often reversible for right or left access.

NEO-ANGLE – Designed to fit neo-angle shower enclosures for corner installations, these doors take up little space and can be installed to swing open left or right. They are commonly used with corner stand-alone showers.

PIVOT – Pivot doors, also known as one-panel swinging or swing-open doors, open outward from a single side and are installed in a stand-alone shower space. They are ideal for openings that are too small to accommodate a bypass door. Pivot doors are typically 36″ wide but may be as wide as 48″. For larger openings, these doors may be installed with one or two fixed panels and can be single or double-hinged mounted to swing both in and out. Pivot doors can be installed to open right or left to fit the layout of your bathroom. Pivot doors are most commonly used in alcove and corner stand-alone showers.

Other key things to consider when choosing your shower doors are the dimensions and measuring, as well as the frame design – framed or frameless shower doors – and type of glass – clear, frosted, tinted or textured.

Melga Sales Corp. only works with the best manufacturers to offer you everything you need for your new bathroom. Our qualified installation technicians can quickly remove your old shower door and replace it with a brand new one. With Melga Sales Corp. you can give your bathroom a new look without sacrificing quality!